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Staying in Syracuse does not only mean art and history, it also means sea, beaches and sun!
The places to swim in Ortigia and Syracuse are many, suggestive and most of them are free.
In the next few lines we recommend the best ones, loved by the Syracusans themselves.

Where to swim in Ortigia

Solarium and beaches, east and west: Ortigia is exposed to the sun from every corner and you can choose which side to cool off on.
You can enjoy the morning sun or the sunset, bathe in the placid green water that bathes its rocks, stroll along the seafront between one cove and another and discover different and always fascinating views.

Promenade of Levante

The Forte Vigliena solarium is a bathroom with free admission consisting of a large platform with descents to the sea and showers to cool off.
It is located near the Maniace Castle, the ancient residence of Frederick II, and from there you can enjoy a splendid view.
Also suggestive is the Nettuno solarium, built on the rocks at Belvedere San Giacomo.
The most famous beach in Levante is certainly that of Calarossa: it is also public access, but more intimate than the Solariums and with a characteristic stony shoreline that enhances the colors of the sea more than the sand itself.
You can reach these places on foot from one of our apartments in Ortigia (click here to check availability) or by shuttle bus 1 on the eastern seafront.

Promenade of Ponente

To the west, the solariums are located near the Fonte Aretusa where they create a magical and suggestive scenario as you descend towards the sea.


Leaving Ortigia towards the city on the mainland, the first solarium you meet is that of the Sbarcadero Santa Lucia. In front of you you can admire the island of Ortigia that lies placidly on the water.
To the north of Syracuse, in the locality of Ru Frati (Due Fratelli) near via Sicilia and reachable by the cycle path, there is another enchanting solarium very popular with Syracusans.
Going east, the places are those of the I Piliceddi coast, from the Via Cassia, in the Mazzarrona area.

Beaches around Syracuse

Over the span of a few kilometers along via Elorina and Statale 115, the built-up area is transformed into small agglomerations of villas that follow the coast to the southwest.
The first beaches you meet here after a few minutes are those of Arenella and Fontane Bianche, equipped with bathing establishments, free areas, clubs and various services.
Arriving by car you can take advantage of the guarded parking lots, otherwise you can also travel with city buses 21, 22 and 23 or with the train to Fontane Bianche.
Continuing along the road, you can swim and sunbathe along the coasts of the Maddalena peninsula and visit the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area. Inside it you will find equipped nature trails, trails and important archaeological sites.
There are over thirty beaches and coves to discover along the Plemmirio coast, both free and with private establishments.
Further on, you can take a dip in the crystalline sea of ​​Ognina and discover its fascinating seabed, while continuing between the green and blue of the water, between the rocks and the sand, you will arrive at the sea of ​​Punta Asparano.
The small fishing port, the two diving centers, the private solariums and the places to refresh and spend the evening, make the latter a really pleasant place to spend a day.
Finally, one cannot overlook the Spiaggia della Marchesa, between the mouth of the Cassibile river and a spectacular cliff. A corner of wild nature, but easily accessible and with a convenient parking just a few minutes’ walk away.

How do you say? Can’t wait to dive into this sea?
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