Do you have an apartment in south-eastern Sicily?

You can make it pay off much more than you have done so far …

Making money from rents is difficult.
If you rent for long periods, you face a high percentage of risk and often end up earning much less than you would like.
The alternative is the more profitable short-term rentals, but the management costs increase between booking portal commissions, cleaning at your expense, check-in / check-out systems and much more.

Both modes also require a series of burdens that erode your time and quickly become a second, not at all satisfying, work.
How can you successfully make your property income without having low earnings?
How can you make an investment pay off without having to completely sacrifice your life?
The solution to this problem exists and is called Baroque Apartments!

We at Baroque Apartments have been managing over 15 apartments in south-eastern Sicily for 10 years, taking advantage of the short-term or tourist rental business.
Tourist rentals take advantage of the arrival of travelers from all over the world and allow you to:
● earn more money than a normal monthly rent
● have your property immediately available whenever you need it
● free yourself from the stress of finding a tenant

By entrusting the management of your apartment to Baroque Apartments you can achieve all this without lifting a finger!
Imagine your bank account growing as you dedicate your time to family, loved ones or your hobbies!
The owners who rely on Baroque Apartments increase their income without having to get off the sofa.

How do we make this possible?
Once you give us the keys to your property, we:
● we will manage it entirely for you with the same care that you would do;
● we will promote the apartment to tourists from all over the world by creating an ad on the best booking portals, taking care of the descriptions and uploading quality photos that enhance it in the eyes of people;
● we will identify the best rental prices at any time of the year to maximize both employment and margins;
● we will personally welcome the guests upon their arrival, we will manage the check-in and check-out, we will give them support so that they can live an unforgettable stay;
● we will take care of the cleaning of the rooms and the laundry of towels / sheets;
● We will update you every month on the performance of your property and your earnings through a detailed report.

In return you will only have to:
● entrust us with a mandate of at least 12 months for the management of the property;
● trust our experience and leave us full commercial freedom in identifying rental prices;
● take care of the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the property;
● relax and watch your income increase.

“Ok, all good. But why should I pay you and not do this on my own? “

With a practically negligible commission we are able to:
● rent apartments at a higher frequency than you would because we dedicate our time exclusively to that;
● manage prices professionally by maximizing profit margins;
● give much more time to your days (which is the most important thing).

Read what apartment owners who rely on Baroque Apartments say

I have known Gianluca for a few years now. I appreciate the correctness and above all the calmness with which he faces and manages emergencies. But the best return comes from our guests who feel welcomed and well looked after during their stay.

Who is behind Baroque Apartments

My name is Gianluca and with my brother we created Baroque Apartments to let tourists from all over the world discover south-eastern Sicily (and make local owners earn money).

Make your investment pay off

The owners who rely on us get higher income than those who act independently

Enjoy your time

You will not have to waste hours and hours managing the apartment, we do everything ourselves

Live without worries

Say goodbye to stress, your property will earn you even while you sleep

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