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Baroque Apartments offers a selection of Holiday Homes in Ortigia, historic center of Syracuse. The apartments are finely furnished and equipped with all comforts, to give you a peaceful and relaxing holiday. Staying in our facilities will allow you to discover the magic of Ortigia: the sense of intimacy and familiarity of its alleys and courtyards, the doors of the doors open to give light and air to the houses, the scent of clothes hanging, the voices of children playing and those of women chatting out of windows and balconies.

Without forgetting the historic market: the calls of the greengrocers, the invitations that taste of the sea from the fish shops, meeting the world, travelers and Syracusans, all fascinated by a ritual that is repeated the same and different every morning. Ortigia flooded with light gathers on itself, enveloped by the sea, with the undertow that guides the rhythm of the walks: it is a small conquered fort, a rocky house to protect.

Hi, I’m Gianluca and together with my team I welcome you to South Eastern Sicily!

With Baroque Apartments we want to give you a stay that allows you to fully discover the atmosphere and culture of these territories.

By staying in our apartments in Ortigia, Noto, Modica and the other wonderful places in the area, you will live an experience that goes beyond that of a

simple tourist.

The scent of clothes hanging, the voices of children playing in the alleys and those of women chatting out of windows and balconies will give you that

sense of intimacy that only here you can experience.

The sea breeze on your face, the cool waves that wet your feet and the sweet sound of the surf will chase away the frenzy of everyday life.

Spending a holiday with Baroque Apartments also means sharing our values, starting with respect.

Respect for the territory and its ecosystem: each of our accommodation fits in a discreet and harmonious way in its context.

Respect for others: we embrace an inclusive hospitality style that respects every identity, puts you at ease, guarantees relaxation and privacy.

Self-respect: We simply want to make you feel good, both in body and mind.

If you are not well, how can your travel companions be well?

Your well-being is our mission, we are waiting for you in Baroque Apartments.

“We invite you to grasp the spirit of this territory, living your holiday as a true inhabitant of the place and not simply as a tourist. In this way Sicily will be the destination you will always want to return to. “

Gianluca Interlandi, Founder & CEO di Baroque Apartments

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