Exploring Ortigia: Vicolo III alla Giudecca

Vicolo III alla Giudecca is the address of the third apartment that we offer as a holiday home for all periods of the year when you want to stay in Ortigia for pleasure, passion and also for work.
A quiet and narrow street that winds up to via Alagona and reserves surprises, such as the large and bright terrace overlooking the rooftops that accompanies the apartment.

Via della Giudecca going towards Vicolo III alla Giudecca

Vicolo III alla Giudecca is part of the frame of the small church of San Filippo Apostolo which encloses important historical and religious stratifications within its walls and underground. The place was, first of all, a quarry for building materials, a hypogeum in the early Christian era, sacred to the Jews as a synagogue until the time of Ferdinand the Catholic who on May 31, 1492 issued the edict that wanted to expel them from the territories of his kingdom.
Subsequently, having forgotten the original structure of the mikveh (the Jewish purification bath), the church has undergone several transformations and even temporary closure due to various structural damage; since 2010 it has been reopened for worship and the underground levels have recently been restored: also open to the public, they reserve a fascinating journey through the history of Syracuse, an authentic immersion in the history and heart of Ortigia.

View of the Church of San Giovanni Battista set between the buildings

We still dwell on an important detail for those wishing to visit Giudecca including also the underground of San Filippo Apostolo: the church operates as the parish of San Giovanni Battista and is closely linked to the church of San Giovanni Battista which is located a few dozen meters further on continuing along via Della Giudecca. San Giovanni Battista dates back to the thirteenth – fourteenth century, the original medieval structure has lost its roof due to neglect that lasted many centuries; this particularity is very popular nowadays: the sunlight that directly illuminates the white stones of the church and its altar is truly fascinating.
From Vicolo III to Giudecca there are two steps to the Opra dei Pupi of La Compagnia dei Pupari Vaccaro – Mauceri; if you attend at least one show, among the red drapes of the restored ancient theater, you will be captivated by the tumultuous and romantic stories of knights and princesses inspired by Orlando Innamorato and Orlando Furioso.

In search of a different perspective: view of the Church of San Filippo Apostolo in the center between Vicolo II and Vicolo III in Giudecca.

But it is also pleasant to walk along via della Giudecca which, with its shops, vintage clothing and gift shops, is very lively because it is assiduously frequented by the gardeners themselves and winds towards via Maestranza, via Logoteta, Via Alagona and again, via Rome.

The natural beauty of this island, together with a calendar full of events all year round, make Sicily always a fantastic place to visit.
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